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Skylights & Thermal Domes Services in Montreal

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Custom Skylights To Let The Light Shine In

At Belgrave Roofing , we manufacture, supply and install custom skylights and thermal double bubble domes of all sizes in Montreal surrounding areas. Our custom skylights, available in galvanized steel and copper, are made to measure. Domes can be glazed, tinted, square, round or pyramidical.

Residential & Commercial Designs

Our skylights are manufactured standard with Plexiglas but may support other types of glass, as per your request.

Lighting Up Sustainably

Skylights are a beneficial and economical way of letting the natural light shine in. In fact, because it sits above a room, skylights let in as much as 5 times more natural light than a regular window of the same size. Natural lighting also helps you reduce your carbon footprint, do your bit to contribute towards a greener planet. Call us to get a quote today!

Advantages Of Skylights

There are several advantages of installing skylights in your home as opposed to other forms of lighting.

  1. Skylights ensure that you get ample sunlight in your home. Adequate exposure to sunlight is good for health and overall wellness.
  2. Sunlight is widely regarded as a natural disinfectant and sanitizer because the sun's ultraviolet rays help kill bacteria and viruses.
  3. Skylights ensure that your home is well lit throughout the day without the added costs of electricity bills.
  4. Since skylight installations are done in the ceiling and not in one of the walls, it helps optimize the space in the room while providing natural light.
  5. We will work with your interior contractor or designer for optimum size, placement and style options.
  6. Call us to get a quote today!

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Natural light Is essential

When you trust the experts at Belgrave Roofing with a skylight installation, you naturally brighten up your home or business rooms and décor, making them, in turn, look livelier — natural light is, in fact, a fundamental part of the quality of your life and wellbeing.

For professional skylight solutions, including repairs, replacement, installations, and designs, call the experts at Belgrave Roofing: Montreal’s skylight experts!

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