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Residential and Commercial Roof Repair Services in Montreal

For professional roof repairs in Montreal, your best bet is Belgrave Roofing. They’re equipped and skilled to take on a wide range of residential and commercial roof repairs, whether that means dealing with a leak or a refurbishment that may including: 

  • Caulking
  • Minor resurfacing
  • All types of membrane repairs

Causes of a Leaky Roof:

  • Damage to roof materials (hail, trees limbs)

  • Failed flashing

  • Ice dams

  • Penetration treatment breakdown

  • Shingle deterioration

  • Improper installation of roof system (or improper materials installed)



At Belgrave Roofing, we can provide repair solutions for various roofing problems. As certified roofing contractors based in the Montreal region, we can expertly assess your roof’s condition and take on the necessary work. In fact, we make it a point of handling the whole roof repair process from A to Z, including execution and supervision. Once done, we’ll provide the necessary documents that detail the entire roof repairs we undertook. This will help you understand the types of improvements that were done on your roof, whether it’s for the purposes of reselling or of peace of mind.

When you deal with the roofing contractors at Belgrave Roofing, you can expect to get long-term and cost-effective solutions for your roof repairs. We also provide a wide range of roof maintenance services, including: 


  • Animal damage repair

Raccoons, rodents and other small animals can chew your roofing shingles and or through your vents, which might result in water leakage. Our roofing crews can take care of all your needs.



  • Chimney and skylight replacement

With time, chimney and skylights will need repairs or replacement. You can use our services for fixing leaks, replacing skylights as well as re-pointing or rebuilding chimneys.


  • Metal flashing & ventilation

We offer a wide range of services for all metal flashings and other metal roof component needs. We also repair aluminum  soffits and finishing metals as well as correct, improve or even install ventilation.



  • Shingle and membrane repairs

Our crews can make professional assessments of all types of membrane or sloped roofs, offer recommendations and options and then provide detailed estimates as required.



  • Snow and icicle removal

Snow can exert a lot of pressure on the roof. Depending on your roof type, we have a number of options available for snow & ice dam removal. You can avoid water leakage or short circuit issues with our emergency snow and ice removal services.





ice roof
Flat roof
repairs on roof

Considering Roof Repairs

Roof repairs, whether residential or commercial in nature, often creep up on owners. They are, at best, hard to assess. Some roofing issues may not be visible with the naked-eye. That’s when the expert roofing contractors at Belgrave Roofing come in. We can make the necessary recommendations based on your roof’s condition, your budget and the structural integrity your home or business.

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