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A roof is an essential part of your home and needs to be maintained to protect your home. Roof damage can be caused by severe weather conditions such as hail, rain or wind. Hiring a professional roofing contractor, to repair or replace your existing roof, will ensure your home is protected with suitable roofing materials. Count on Belgrave Roofing for professional, bonded and insured roofing contractors. We have been providing flat and slope roofing services along with professional inspections to our clients since the last 40 years.

Importance of Roofer’s Fire Insurance


Find a contractor who is bonded, insured, has an RBQ license number and is well acquainted with the usage of flame installed materials. Roofing your home is a huge investment and having a trained roofer will guarantee that your roof can resist harsh weather conditions. Know your insurance risks and understand if your contractor is willing to pay the damages in case of accidents while installing your roof. With fire or flame applied roofing materials, you need to check if your contractor has “fire installation” insurance along with liability insurance. Check your contractor’s insurance policy for coverage with the installation of:

Heat applications

Fire or flame applications

If the contractor fails to produce appropriate fire insurance, then the contractor is not adequately insured. Your own insurance can DENY you coverage in the case an improperly insured contractor accidentally burns your property. Since this category of insurance is extremely costly, not all contractors have it nor will they be able to produce the proof of fire installation insurance. The insurance coverage will reveal if the contractor is suitable for your roofing needs. You can also discuss the cost of repair and replacement, in case of any accidents, with your insurance provider.


Other insurance policies and licenses to look for in a roofing contractor are:


1. Liability Insurance

Check for liability insurance that can cover water, fire or other damage caused to your home during the installation or repair of your roof. Make sure the insurance is for sloped and flat roofs. Some contractors might only have insurance to cover sloped roofs.


2. Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The worker’s compensation ensures that you are protected in case there is an accidental injury on your property. You can be liable for doctor bills or emergency room visits in case your contractor does not have a worker’s compensation insurance.


3. Fraud Bond or Cautionment

This obligatory insurance policy is in pace to protect the client, not the contractor.


Belgrave Roofing provides dependable roofing contractors specializing in modified bitumen and elastomeric membrane roofing. We provide roof maintenance and ventilation for residential and commercial clients. We also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty and 25 years to lifetime manufacturer's warranty on shingles.

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