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If you live in a place where summer highs and lows are unpredictable, it’s important to have a roof that can resist harsh conditions. Elastomeric membrane roofing easily meets this standard, offering a variety of advantages. Installed as per manufacturing standards, it is a durable, aesthetic, weather-resistant and an easy-to-maintain option.

Belgrave Roofing has been providing services regarding flat and slope roofing, roof inspection and repairs for over 40 years. We have installed roofs over hundreds of homes in Montreal and surrounding areas.

In this blog post, we offer answers to the most common questions on elastomeric membrane.

What Is an Elastomeric Membrane?


Elastomeric membrane or modified bitumen membrane is made using SBS modified bitumen over a glass fibre matting or non-woven polyester. Modifiers are added to standard roofing asphalt to replace plasticizers that are removed in the distillation process. Bitumen is strengthened by reinforcing polyester fibre matting or fibreglass to increase strength and durability. The material is installed to roof systems using the common torch method, cold adhesives or asphalt.


How Many Types of Elastomeric Membrane Options Are There?


In the current roofing market, there are many types of elastomeric roofing. The main ones are:

Traditional elastomeric membranes – Here, a torch is used to fuse or weld base elastomeric membrane to a finished one composing of coloured granules. These are available in assorted colours.

Self-adhesive elastomeric membranes – This particular product uses cold-install technology to lessen the odour of hot asphalt and the risk of fire during installing. They do however ALWAYS require a primer.

Bitumen applied elastomeric membranes- These membrane manufactured must be applied with hot bitumen.

What Is the Lifespan?

An elastomeric membrane roof that’s properly installed and maintained can last up to 30 years. Most, however, last less than 10 years because the improperly trained or self-taught contractors fail to follow proper installation guidelines.


How Weather-Resistant and Waterproof Is It?


Elastomeric membrane roofs can withstand harsh climate due to their robustness and high moisture resistance. The material also has an elasticity rating which most other products do not have, enabling them to have superior resistance to hail and snow.

The double layer of the material ensures superior waterproofing, provided it is installed as per manufacturer specifications.


What About Aesthetics?

Elastomeric membrane products can provide a clean look to your roof, enhance the curb appeal and are available in multiple colours to suit your property.


How Will the Drainage Be?

Elastomeric membrane roofing takes the shape of the existing surface it is laid over. The overlapping nature of the product can cause imperfections resulting in water retention and slight ponding issues.


How Much Maintenance Is Needed?

Minimal repairs and annual inspections are enough to increase the lifespan of an elastomeric membrane roof.


Can It Be Installed in Any Weather?

It’s better to not install them in cold weather as additional heating will be needed, potentially burning the armature (woven fabric found inside) of the product.


How Is the Return on Investment?

Elastomeric membrane costs 20% more and offers 20% more lifespan than other roofing materials.  The return is similar to asphalt roofing.


How Is the Weight of the Material?

Elastomeric membrane is marginally lighter than gravel roofs but as the weight difference is very small, it doesn’t influence the overall roof structure.


Is Elastomeric Roof Membrane Energy Efficient?

Regardless of the type of roof, a properly ventilated one will result in your home being cooler in summers and warmer in winters.


Let Us Help

Since the most durable elastomeric membranes must be installed with a torch application, it’s necessary to get in touch with a properly insured and competent roofer to avoid risks. Belgrave Roofing has been providing quality workmanship and superior customer service in the Montreal community for over 40 years. Partnering with us will enable you to minimize maintenance and enhance longevity with elastomeric membrane roofing.

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