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When it comes time to choosing a new roof, most homeowners consider budget, colour and style. But an important factor often overlooked is the energy implications involved. The choice of roofing material plays a major role in determining indoor living temperatures and household energy usage. For example, there’s standard roofing, and then there’s energy efficient roofing.


If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, here are four reasons why you should consider an energy efficient system from the experts at Master Roofers of Belgrave—Montreal’s trusted general contracting specialist since 1967.

1. Lower utility bills. Energy efficient roofs also referred to as “cool roofs,” take advantage of two properties: reflectance and emittance. Reflectance involves the ability of a material to reflect energy from the sun back into the atmosphere, whereas emittance involves the ability to shed or emit heat instead of retaining it. Therefore, energy efficient roofs conserve energy by keeping your house at cooler temperatures throughout stifling summer months, reducing the need to crank up the AC.

2. Longer life expectancy. Excessive heat causes rapid degradation, leaving homeowners with the hassle of having to reroof more often. But cool roofs deflect heat, which means they typically have longer lifespans. The longer your roof lasts, the fewer times you’ll have to re-shingle!

3. Increased home comfort. There’s no doubt that a cooler house in the summer makes for more pleasant living conditions. Think of the “chimney effect”: the upper level of your home is always a few degrees warmer in the summer because hot air rises. Now, imagine if that same floor was trapped under a scorching roof that projected heat downwards. Not the most comfortable sleeping quarters, right?

4. Environmentally friendly. Energy efficient roofs are safer for the environment in several ways. For one, they reduce electrical demand, which translates into less fuel consumption. Two, they reduce the amount of roofing scrap that goes into landfills because they have longer years of service. And three, they reduce local air temperatures commonly referred to as the “urban heat island effect”—provided multiple houses have them, of course.


When shopping for an energy efficient roof for your Montreal home, keep an ear out for key words like “solar reflectance,” “thermal emittance” and “Energy Star rating.” Energy Star certified roofs come in a variety of materials like metal, tile and asphalt shingles, with metal having the best reflectance values of them all. It’s important to note that colour also makes a big difference. For example, lighter roofs can stay more than 10 degrees cooler under the summer sun than darker roofs. Therefore, it’s best to stick with light colours like pale browns or grays, especially if you’re installing asphalt shingles.

What if your roof is still in good condition, but you wished it was more energy efficient? Well, you can usually cool down an existing roof by reinforcing its surface with highly reflective paint or sheet covering.

Consult your local roofing contractor in Montreal for more information on energy efficient options and their warranties. At Master Roofers of Belgrave, we’re committed to helping you choose the right roof for your immediate and long-term needs. Call us for a free quote today!

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