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Roof inspection Montreal

Roof Inspection & Maintenance in Montreal

Your contractor didn't complete the roofing work to your satisfaction? If there are issues with your new roof, don't wait until it's too late. Call Belgrave Roofing to provide a roof inspection in Montreal.

We often inspect and find defects on roofs that are under 3 years of age. It's important to locate the problems while your warranty is still in effect.

We often inspect and find defects on roofs that are under 3 years of age. It's important to locate the problems while your warranty is still in effect.

Our Inspectors are Experienced Roofers

Every one of our inspectors has a minimum of 20 years of experience as a roofer. Our experts pride themselves on fair and accurate assessments of technical issues that are related to moisture intrusion, condensation, or system failures.

Being actual roofers, we see the short cuts and hidden defects as we have a deep comprehension of the roof system. Expert testimony services are provided when needed, and our experts carry appropriate credentials required by the province of Quebec, as well as meaningful real world experience.

Give us a call today for professional inspection letters or reports, professional roof management, roof consulting services, roof maintenance and repair, complete new roofing and more.

We offer services not only to other contractors but to the public as well. We manufacture and stock a large selection of drains, plumbing vents and flashings of all sizes and lengths.

Cost-Effective Roof Inspection

You'll receive professionally prepared documents that include roof inspection and maintenance report, detailed roof specifications and digital photographic documentation. While our services require a great amount of expertise it doesn't mean you'll have to shell out a great deal of money. Give us a call, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we are.

Roof Inspections and Evaluations

Inspection reports by Belgrave Roofing are used by property management companies, insurance companies, banks, buyers, sellers and the average homeowner. Some roof issues are obvious such as surface deficiencies, while others can only be discovered thanks to years of experience. Roof problems come in all shapes and sizes. We efficiently locate and address these concerns.

The data is presented in an organized way, and each roof item is explained in detail. We address the existing conditions of the roof and components, the estimated remaining lifespan of the existing roof. We provide a budget for corrective action (repairs and/or replacement estimates) as well as photo documentation.

Every inspection report is tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Whether these be a statement of condition of roof for an insurance company to a report prepared for legal matters involving liability. Inspection reporting includes data on the following items:

  • Perimeter and curb flashings
  • Roof penetrations
  • Drains and drainage areas
  • Mansards
  • Parapet walls
  • Pipe flashings and plumbing vents

Cost-Effective Roof Inspection

Periodic roof inspections will ensure that your roof provides proper service life and does not become leaky or cause internal disruption. Roof maintenance involves routine tasks that keep roofs in watertight condition as well as ensure guarantees and will protect the longevity of your roof.

Our qualified inspectors at Belgrave Roofing walk over the entire roof area photographing all observed deficiencies, including other roof-related influences. We document our observations on a roof plan and recommend maintenance procedures for the cited deficiencies. If requested, we'll also provide estimates and cost projections.

Visual Roof Inspections: A Wise Investment

The cost of visual roof inspections compared with the cost per square foot to replace the roof or portion of the roof proves it to be a wise investment. In an effort to realize the true life span, we recommend investing in inspection to all building owners. The service life of a roof will indeed increase if the roof is properly maintained. You'd be surprised how many times re-roofing is routinely performed when it isn't required!

Belgrave Roofing have an extensive database of properties that are automatically scheduled for visual inspections on a semi-annual or an annual basis. We would be happy to include your company to our growing list of satisfied clients.

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