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Roof Ice Damming Removal Services Montreal

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Ice Damming Precaution & Removal

When snow piles up on your roof,avoid risk, personal injury or damage to your property by removing it yourself. At Belgrave Roofing, we provide snow and /or ice damming removal services to help you stay safe.

What Is An Ice dam?

Ice dams are the accumulation of ice at the eaves and valleys of roofs. Insufficient attic insulation and attic ventilation can cause roof snow to melt and slide down to the eaves, where the roof surface is cooler and the melting snow freezes to the roof. Subsequent melting causes water to pool behind this dam where the water can back-up into or between the shingle layers, wetting the roof deck and possibly the walls and ceilings below.

Take Precautions Against Ice Dams

Your home insurance, depending on the type of policy, may cover you for interior damage, but usually not for snow and ice removal. Even properly installed roofs will leak with extensive ice build-up. Our guarantees do not cover ice and water backup especially when these problems could be avoided with minimal maintenance. In short, the homeowner should take reasonable precautions.

Emergency Snow And Ice Removal

At Belgrave Roofing, we provide emergency snow and ice removal services. If you hold a roof warranty with us, we recommend that you call us when you need ice or snow services, rather than risk voiding your warranty. We're committed to providing preferred rates and quality service to our past and present clients.

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