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Eleastomeric Membrane Roofing - Belgrave Roofing

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Reliable modified bitumen & elastomeric membrane roofing in Montreal

Reliable elastomeric membrane roofing in montreal

Are you planning to install elastomeric membrane roofing in Montreal?
Belgrave Roofing guarantees quality workmanship and superior customer service. We have been serving the Montreal community for over 40 years. From flat roofing to professional inspections, we have got you covered. Instead of asphalt & gravel (built up roofing), you can choose elastomeric or modified bitumen membrane as an alternative. Partner with us to reduce maintenance and improve longevity with elastomeric roofing.

We are fully and PROPERLY insured to help you with the following types of membrane roofing:

  • Soprema membranes
  • IKO membranes
  • Elastomeric / modified bitumen membranes
  • Mechanically fastened, torch welded, asphalt applied or adhesive adhered membranes.

These membranes are manufactured using SBS modified bitumen over a non-woven polyester or glass fiber matting. Commonly used in both commercial and residential applications, they can withstand both high and low temperatures. If you are installing a flat roof, elastomeric membranes are an exceptional option. For more details, speak to our experts.

Residential and commercial roofing

The elastomeric membrane is one of the most popular roofing materials used today. It consists of two layers including a base sheet and a cap sheet. The cap sheet support ceramic granules which protects against solar energy and offers a variety of colors to chose from. At Belgrave Roofing, we use Soprema and IKO modified bitumen membranes. These are easy to install, repair and offer superior protection in Quebec weather conditions. We also offer LEED-certified white elastomeric membrane – SOPRASTAR® & ARMOURCOOL® white roofs. Our specialists will perform flawless work and come to your rescue in case of an emergency. Rely on Belgrave Roofing for skylights, brick work, renovation, ventilation, metalwork and more.

Benefits of elastomeric membrane roofing

If you are confused while choosing the best roofing options, consider the following benefits of elastomeric membrane:

  • Allows resurfacing
  • Enhances the curb appeal
  • It is lightweight and flexible.
  • Adaptable on all types of decking and slopes.
  • Lifespan of 20 to 30 years
  • Variety of colors and installation options.

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Count on us for your next Elastomeric or modified bitumen Membrane roofing project in Montreal. Contact us today for more information. We will be glad to respond to your inquiries and provide you with an estimate of your project.

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