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Belgrave Roofing

Make sure the roof over your head is in excellent condition to protect the people underneath it and your property and belongings. At Belgrave Roofing, we offer roofing installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection to Montreal-area home and business owners, contractors, property managers, and other satisfied customers.
We are not just roofing contractors. To make your building even more attractive and to improve its condition, we do brick work, skylight installation, custom metal work and much more. Moreover, our workmanship is guaranteed, and our prices are affordable.
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Reliable Roofing Services Across Montreal

Whether you are looking for repair and restoration of your existing roof or you need a new roof, Belgrave Roofing can provide you with complete roofing services in Montreal for all your needs. Your roof is among the most essential components of your home’s structure and anatomy.
As the roof gets older problems can appear. These may be age related or may arise due to incomplete or less than perfect workmanship.

Common Roof Problems

Leakage or Seepage: Leakage or seepage in the walls of your home could be a sign of a leaking roof. If you have water running down your walls, it is wise to check your roof for an active leak.

Ventilation: Ventilation problems or inadequacies can lead to higher heating costs, air conditioning costs, ice dams, leaking, and premature roof deterioration.

Poor Installation: Trusting a novice to lay your roof can cause more damage in the long run even if it saves you a few bucks at the onset. A roof that does not facilitate proper insulation can cause a number of issues leading to high repair costs in the future. Our city is plagued with roofers who do not carry proper competency certificates, insurance or licenses.
There are a variety of problems which can occur or arise on flat and sloped roofs including problems relative to individual materials. A basic visual roof inspection from one of our reps will expose problems as well as allow us to spot deterioration before it becomes a problem.
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