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Commercial Brick Work Services Montreal

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Trusted brick work contractors in Montreal

With over 40 years of experience behind us, the brick work division of Belgrave Roofing can handle all your brick work needs in Montreal. We specialize in pointing, brick and stone repairs and our services include repairs and rebuilds of chimneys, retainer walls, pillars and interior fireplaces. We also provide a wide range of flat roofing, ventilation and ice damming services to our customers in Montreal. No job is too small for us and estimates are free.


Over a period of time, weathering causes the mortar between bricks to deteriorate. As a result, holes appear and allow moisture, cold and insects to penetrate the wall. If left unattended, the bricks around the deteriorated mortar will eventually begin to crumble. We remove the loose and damaged mortar (scrapping or grinding), replacing it with new, carefully dyed material to produce the best possible colour match with the remaining mortar for a seamless repair.

Brick replacement

Eventually over time, bricks on the walls of the house can begin to crumble or spall. This is also true for chimneys, window sills and free-standing brick walls. Bricks adjacent to affected brick will begin to show wear as well. This means damaged bricks should be replaced as soon as possible. This involves careful removal of the damaged units and installation of new ones matching the colour and texture of the original brick as closely as possible.

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Chimneys repairs or rebuilds

As your chimney is responsible for venting toxic gases and smoke from your home, its condition is important to your safety. Like the walls of your house, the mortar and bricks can begin to show wear. Often a simple repair will suffice, but sometimes a complete rebuilding to the roof with new brick is required. An inspection can easily determine the best course. If your community has gas service and your home is heated with gas, a chimney liner may be required.

Brick openings

Doors or windows often become unnecessary and unsightly. We can remove them and rebrick the openings, carefully tying in with the brick that most closely matches your house. Conversely new openings or expanded openings may be required for new windows or sliding glass doors. This would involve cutting the brick to the exact size required and installing a steel support over the opening to support the wall.

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